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Appendix Quarter Horse mare

Fanny's Lonesome Dove

This week we welcome Fanny's Lonesome Dove, a beautiful Appendix Quarter Horse mare. Dove certainly holds true to her name as she actually has a white dove on her forehead! At 14 years old, this sorrel mare is just shy of 15 hh. Dove is a very sweet horse, yet very independant. Everything about her is gentle, both with other animals and with humans. Dove's weakness is children. She's the type of horse that will leave the herd to come to the gate when she hears a child's voice or giggle. Her eyes soften and you can see her melting as the child hugs her head.

Dove was purchased three years ago. She was the horse that helped her present owner to regain her confidence in the saddle after an unfortunate incident with a friend's horse. She's unbelievably forgiving when ridden by a beginner rider but as you progress she gives the rider that little bit of a challenge that they need to help them get to the next level. She's a real ham for attention and loves to please. She was quite a show off in the pasture for her photo shoot! Dove enjoys being ridden in the arena as that's where she feels most confident. The trails are newer to her, but she's adapted to them like she's done it for years. She's not the type of horse to just plod along, she wants to see and investigate everything. On the same note though, you can have a bunch of horses loping circles around her and she'll stand in the middle without a fuss.

Her bloodlines are very mixed, from cutting, western pleasure, halter champion Quarter Horses (going back to Hollywood Gold, Coys Bonanza, and Poco Bueno) to a variety of amazing Thoroughbred lines with many money earners and champions such as Bold Ruler, Nasrullah, Questionnair, and Depth Charge.

As sweet and gentle as Dove is, she's quite happy to give you her opinion on what she thinks of the task at hand. Sometimes while doing ground work when she doesn't feel like it, she'll get very vocal by letting out a high pitch protest. She will always do what is asked of her but is obviously not happy about doing it!. While under saddle if she gets bored she'll grunt loudly. She has caught many people off guard with her protesting antics.

Many people have never seen a horse smile, but every evening when her owner goes to the barn to see Dove, she always meets her at the stall door with a smile on her face. Not many people get to see that smile, but the ones who have, can't believe their eyes!

Dove is the proud mother of two fillies, Twisters Bar Sweety who is the spitting image of her dam and Twister's Dun Dreamin who is a beautiful red dun who looks exactly like her sire. Both were from the same Sire: Twister's Dunny Dream.

Everyone who has come in contact with this mare has fallen in love with her beauty, and her charming disposition!

Congratulations to Dove for being our November 20th, 2006 Horse of the Week!

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