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Canadian Sport Horse


This week we are featuring Ashton, a registered Canadian Sport Horse. This beautiful grey gelding is presently 16.2 hh but as he is only 3 and still growing, he should reach 17 hh. Smashy (or Ashy) as he is known around the barn, is just learning to jump, but there is no question that this boy is a hunter. He loves peppermints, kisses, hugs, and any kind of attention. He loves people! Ashton hates to be clean! He is the dirtiest horse his owner has ever owned. Darned grey!

Ashton was bred and raised on a small farm just outside of Coldwater. He had the opportunity to grow-up with his little sister Roxie and the two are quite the pair. They have had all there firsts together, first trailer ride, leaving home to be trained and first horse shows. Ashton is sired by a very well known Canadian stallion named Asher and his mom was a mare that was born and raised on the owner's small farm. Ashton is a 3rd generation horse on their farm, as they have owned his grandmother and mother. Ashton's owners are very proud of him. This fall Aston and one of their students qualified for The Lieutenant Governor's Cup at the Royal Winter Fair and they had the opportunity to compete against 30 of the top 3 year old Canadian bred horses. Ashton pinned 6th in the class, quite the honour! He was an amazing boy and Kendra (his rider) rode him so well - they are a great team!

Congratulations to Ashton for being our November 27th, 2006 Horse of the Week!

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