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Dun Quarter HorseBJ's Majestic Bones

BJ's Majestic Bones is an 11 year old dun Quarter Horse gelding with a very special equine personality. This is what Seanna's Dad had to say about him.

"He is dominant with other horses yet exceptionally gentle with his best friend and mentor - 13 year old Seanna. Bones came to us as an uptight, highly trained robot "with all the buttons". One problem though, - he didn't like people. When Bones first arrived in our lives, he wouldn't stand for being petted, unless forced into it because he was in a stall or in cross ties. The good news is that once with Seanna, Bones forever said goodbye to crossties, heavy flat halters, martingales and twitches.

If you knew how to read a horse's body language you'd clearly see in no uncertain terms - that contact with humans was tolerated by Bones but not welcomed. Two years down the road and we've seen a complete makeover with this once very crabby horse. Both Seanna and Bones are very proud of their level 2 status with the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program and this horse has shown us the "horseanality" he was born to be. He is extremely curious - he loves to pull at buttons and zippers (unless you politely ask him not to of course!). Don't leave anything lying around or he'll be testing it and tossing it about!

Bones is a unique horse in that he is a one-girl guy. For Seanna he walks when she walks, trots when she trots and if she skips along the ground he'll canter with her - matching her stride for stride completely at his own will. No halter, no rope and no "make". Riding bareback and bridleless, they are the picture of grace and harmony in any gait. His one interesting trait is he won't perform for anyone else than Seanna - frustrating a number of visitors who've wanted to play with and ride Bones. For Bones, life is about play and whether it's playing with advanced ground skills or doing flying lead changes, it's all about fun and relationship for these two to share.

Bones is the answer to a young girl's dream and we like to think she's his dream human partner. Seanna never uses carrots or cookies as bribes to entice him to come over. Instead it's partnership and relationship that causes him to run to her at the sound of her voice. A "herd of two", its a match made in heaven."

Congratulations to Bones for being our May 14th, 2007 Horse of the Week!

Dun Quarter Horse

Dun quarter horse gelding and girl

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