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Tennesse  WalkerBuck

Buck is a Tennessee Walking Horse (TWH), or Plantation Horse that was transplanted from Missouri to Orillia last year by Marsha Wilson-McKay. This nice looking bay roan gelding is 16 years old. He was ridden in Missouri as a trail horse by an older gentleman. Buck loves to trail ride, but his new owner is not too sure about the horse show adventure for Buck yet, hopefully they will venture out this year and expose him to that.

The TWH is known for their even temperment and smooth gaits. These are flat walk, run walk and the rocking chair canter. Tennessee Walkers come in all colours, heights and conformation. Buck loves being on the trails, and will go through anything, but he is not too sure about the Canadian climate and strange bugs here. He is a typical male, and is very unused to being fussed over for grooming, sprays etc. He ground ties, necks reins and stands nicely to be mounted beside the mounting step. He is used to the Missouri weather which does not include winters like we have. He wasn't blanketed down south so he grew a lovely coat. The summers are also hotter and more humid there.

Buck has no problem with cows as he was recently used for cattle cutting and had no qualms working with them. Marsha says he has a good temperment and is very well broke with nice manners.

Congratulations to Buck for being our May 28th, 2007 Horse of the Week!
Cattle Cutting

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