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Quarter HorseDiamond Smoken Boy

Diamond Smoken Boy, or "Blue", is a 5 year old Quarter Horse owned by Tammy Dvorsky. This handsome gray 15.2 hh gelding was born in Alberta and brought to Ontario. He was then purchased by a friend of Tammy's who sold him to her as a yearling.

This is what Tammy had to say about this horse:

"Blue knew nothing when I got him. I couldn't brush him, touch him, or pick up his feet! I spent a lot of time dodging his front hooves flying by my face!

I started him at 2 years old - he was very good tempered and easy to back. Blue never took a wrong step until my first show when he was 3. He decided that he would give me a really good ride and bronced all the way down the long side of the ring! That was the first time he ever misbehaved under saddle.

Our 3rd year was great, we went to some schooling shows, did hunter hack classes, and was always in the ribbons.

His fourth year was a bad one - he became a little rebel! His "I don't wanna" faze actually got so bad I wanted to sell him. Then later that year we had a breakthrough and learned a lot about each other. In the late fall we started jumping and I discovered that he loves it! He did his first dressage show in January of this year and was so great. He placed first and second at training level!. I was very proud of my boy.

This is his 5th year and so far things are great. We have been out to many shows and did well at all of them. I am taking things slow because I don't want to fry his poor little brain or break him down. We did our first 2'6" over fences show last weekend and I couldn't have asked for more from him.

He is very accident prone and he has had many injuries. If there is something for him to hurt himself on, he will find it, even if we human people can't!

Blue's dislikes include water and dressage. He loves people and is always looking for attention. He loves to hack, and galloping is fun, and when being ridden he loves to be praised. Blue likes dogs - especially when my Jack Russell takes his lead and they go for a walk. He loves bath time and thinks bubbles are especially fun.

He is just beginning his career! He is showing hunter, dressage and maybe if all goes well we will try a horse trial later this year. We just started jumping last fall. He loves to jump, and becomes a whole different animal. Blue hates flat classes, I guess he gets some of that from me!"

Congratulations to Diamond Smoken Boy for being our June 4th Horse of the Week!

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