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Pre-Marin horseRazz

This week our special horse of the week is Razz of Maple Wind Farms located in Hawkstone, Ontario. Razz is owned by Tina Horne and her family and Tina's daughter Alysssa is seen riding this lovely mare in the photos. This is what Razz's owner had to say about this horse:

"Razz is a by-product of the Manitoba PMU (Pre-Marin) industry. She was transported to Ontario in May, 2003 as a yearling and we got her before she was ever touched by a human hand in the fall of that same year. We trained her ourselves in 2004 and are very proud of her accomplishments. We do not know what breed she is, however, it just doesn't matter as she is a delight to have in our herd and on our trails. Razz is 15.2 hh, and we believe she may have some Standardbred somewhere in her bloodlines as she has some qualities of that breed.

Razz is the type of horse that everyone loves to ride. Small children as young as 8 years old can ride Razz on trail for their first time! We have also taught her to gait at a run-walk and she has a wonderful canter that you can relax and enjoy. Razz enjoys going on trail and especially likes getting very close to leaves, twigs, grass, basically anything green... she may take a munch here and there on the trail if you don't catch her at it fast enough. She has a relaxed, friendly, outgoing personality and can be depended upon to always do anything that is asked of her.

In the past 2 years, Razz has learned western gaming, jumping (low jumps), showing, fun games, cow work, pulling logs out of our bush and riding in parades! Anything we need or want her to do with us is fine with this horse. Razz is usually the first of the herd to meet us at the gates to see us, whether we are just visiting or taking her out for a ride. She is the kind of horse that every child should get to grow up with. When first time riders come to our farm, Razz is the horse we send out for them. She is the horse requested most by visitors. We are lucky to have her. She is a joy to ride and has a heart of pure gold! Her value? - Priceless."

Congratulations to Razz for being our June 11th Horse of the Week!

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