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Pinto Pony MuleHenry

This cute little pinto pony mule is owned by Jan Belanger of Waverly, Ontario. Jan and her husband purchased Henry 8 years ago from Henry Regalink, as a companion for their paint stallion, Sharu Doll. This mule got his name from Henry Regylink's daughters, as they said their dad and the mule had similar traits!

Henry loves people, especially kids. When Jan's granddaughter was 2 1/2, Jan took Henry to a show. At the end of the day, Henry was harnessed and hitched to a cart and he gave all the kids a ride. This mule both rides and drives!

Henry loves treats and will do anything you want for one. He is very vocal and when anyone comes to the farm he brays loudly to say hi.

Henry likes to go camping with the rest of the mules. Jan's granddaughter rides Henry and he is ponied by a larger mule, Taz, ridden by Jan. Henry is invaluable when they go trail riding at home as he carries the lunch.

Henry likes to be where the action is. Every morning and night you will see Henry playing with the other mules, chasing each other and grabbing on to their tails. He is a big, lovable ham and Jan and her husband hope to have him for a long time!

Henry is seen in the photo above with Leslie's niece, a novice rider. Leslie has also photographed FS Classique and Draylean from Jan's Farm.

Congratulations to Henry for being our June 18th Mule of the Week!

zPinto Pony Mule
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