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Y.S. Kinyobi

One of the fun things grade nine kids in Ontario get to do is take a day off school and go to the workplace of one of their parents. This past November I took my daughter and 2 of her classmates to a photoshoot. This entailed a drive through a blizzard to find our way to Yanagi Stables, in Mansfield, Ontario. The girls had a good time, although they were a bit chilled from the biting wind. Fortunately they were able to warm their hands around the mugs of hot chocolate Trish provided them with afterwards, and in the beautiful coats of Curly mares and foals. It was an experience I'm sure they will never forget. - Leslie.

"This week's Horse of the Week is a Curly Horse named Y.S. Kinyobi. He is the breeding stallion of Yanagi Stables Curly Horses, in Mansfield, Ontario and is owned by Trish & Darrick Rosborough.

Kinyobi is 15 hh and was born in 2001. He has tons of curls, and is a lovely bay colour with 4 white socks and a star on his forehead. He has a refined head, smaller ears, big expressive eyes and nice floating movement. There have been times that people have mistaken him for an Arabian!

Kinyobi Curly HorseThere are four of Kinyobi's 2007 offspring at Yanagi Stables - this year he has one baby due in Missouri.

Kinyobi has a very sweet temperament and is extremely affectionate. He absolutely loves my 9 yr old daughter and always has. She will go out into the field with him and he will give her hugs. Kinyobi just tucks her into his chest and has a dreamy look on his face. Just like a parent loving their child. Kinyobi is a true gentleman!

One thing about Curlies… horse allergy sufferers find they are less likely to react to Curly horses! Curlies are like big dogs… extremely affectionate, want to please you and always come when you call them. OH and they are easily tempted with a treat!

Kinyobi is working towards dressage and jumping. When he is at home in his paddock, he likes to play with his gelding friends. Kinyobi loves people, but he dislikes mean girls!"

Congratulations to Kinyobi for being our April 7th, 2008 Horse of the Week!

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