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Paso Fino GeldingPoco Chocante Lio

Poco Chocante Lio is a 13 year old Paso Fino Gelding owned by Carol McIsaac of Rocking Chair Ranch near Orillia, Ontario.

'Pokey', or 'Land Shark, ' as he is affectionately known, is the herd boss at Rocking Chair Ranch. If Pokey wants it, he gets it. All the other horses 'bow to the master'. Some of the other members of his herd are Candy, Nafaa, Fadji and Sonny.

Pokey loves to go trail riding and has great fun at horse shows - his favourite class is sit a buck, so he can buck! Pokey also goes to therapeutic riding lessons at Stonegate farm where he has the time of his life.

He is a very affectionate horse, Pokey likes to "kiss" things. He loves textures and will run his "wiggler" (muzzle) over things to feel the different textures. He unties knots, loves the velcro noise, undoes zippers, and generally loves to cause trouble. If left in his stall too late in the morning he lets himself out of his stall and will liberate the others.

Congratulations to Pokey for being our April 21st, 2008 Horse of the Week!

Paso Fino Horse

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