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At we still think it feels like summer holidays (even though we are working), so for a second week we are straying from our regular 'Horse of the Week' theme. I was the show photographer for the *CCPFHA Gaited Horse Fun Show yesterday and I assembled a photo collage for this week's page.

The Fun Show was held at the Erin Fairgrounds in Erin, Ontario, Canada and was open to all breeds of gaited horses. Entered into the show were Paso Finos, Peruvian Paso Horses, an Icelandic Horse, some Tennessee Walking Horses and a Rocky Mountain Horse. Two year ago we had a gaited mule attend, but we didn't see him this year.

There were lots of serious classes in this show, but the best ones were the 'Fun' classes - egg and spoon, barrel racing (gaited horses don't practice this much), costume class and the champagne class (whoever has the most water in the wine glass at the end of the class wins).

Shown in the photo above, starting top left, and going left to right, are a Peruvian Paso Horse, a Paso Fino in the costume class, a Tennessee Walking Horse, (next row, left to right) an Icelandic Horse, a Paso Fino stallion, and a Paso Fino and a Troche Paso Fino.

I will be processing the 1,000 plus photos I took of the show this week and you can see them here by the end of the week.

Congratulations to all the gaited horses at the 2008 CCPFHA Fun Show!

*Central Canada Paso Fino Horse Association was formerly known as the Eastern Canada Paso Fino Horse Association and has changed it's name as of August 2008.

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