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Good Day
I am Dante and I am in charge of the other geldings that live in the North Pasture at Back of Beyond Farm. Because I am the boss, I always get to eat the best grass and hay first. I should be able to eat the grain first too, but a funny thing keeps happening. Right at feeding time, every day, Cathy or Bill come to my field and take me out to eat this really small amount of pellets in the barn. You would think I was on a diet or something.

I wonder if it has anything to do with what I overheard the other day? One of the people visiting my barn said, “Oh Cathy, how did you ever get that gelding in foal”. Everyone laughed, but I did not think it was very funny. I may be a bit on the portly side but I am definitely NOT in foal. What an absurd thought, as if geldings could have foals. I am just a very healthy weight for my height and body type. Also, I do not waste my time racing around, rearing, bucking and playing like the other lunatics that live with me. It takes almost nothing to get them all stirred up, snorting and galloping around me. Can't they see that they are not going anywhere, just circling, and can't they see that they are missing out on some quality eating time? I especially enjoy the crunch of a well aged carrot or the smoosh of a juicy blade of grass.

Canadian Warmblood GeldingOh well, perhaps some day a new, more sensible horse will come to live in the North Pasture, but for now I will just have to put up with the friends I have and continue keeping tabs on the best eating available.

Dante is a four year old, bay, 15.3 hand Canadian Warmblood gelding. He has been lightly started under saddle and will be for sale this fall.

Congratulations to Dante for being our August 25th, 2008 Horse of the Week!!

  Canadian Warmblood
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