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Hoof Beat Outriders"DARE TO DREAM"

This week we would like to feature a fun group of gals and their horses, the Hoof Beat Outriders. I had the pleasure of photographing them at Maple Wind farm this past fall on a beautiful sunny day. I have known most of these fun loving girls awhile and it is always a fun day hanging out with them. Their founder Tina Horne wrote this about the group:

"The Hoof Beat Outriders is a fun and entertaining, western style drill team based out of Orillia, Ontario. Their presentations include riding their horses to drills and fun music as well as vaulting, roping, western gaming and other demonstrations. There is a flurry of activity and excitement in their performances and they really enjoy involving their audience in their ride! Only through the bonds of honest friendship does the Hoof Beat Outriders perform so well together. And perform, they sure do! They have recently demonstrated at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair for the Ontario Equestrian Federation and they will be performing in the Extravaganza Show for the Can-Am's Equine Affair in London, Ontario in March 2009! These are incredible equine achievements for a group that was only formed in July 2008. This is possible through the dedication and hard work of every member in this team and ground crew practicing together and preparing for events. This team is truly committed to each other and ultimately to their audience in a performance! Together they are strong.

Drill TeamThe friends on the team originally met through the North River Riders Horse Club and have grown strong bonds of friendship that shows with all the fun in every performance they do! The members of this fun team have helped start and have ridden in 2 other drill teams in the Orillia area for the past two years. They decided to move on together and create their own team with the philosophies and morals that were important to their success. The members enjoy practicing and performing together, every time. This is a very important dynamic to this team and is what its success is truly based on. TEAM WORK!! The Hoof Beat Outriders are also partnered with the North River Riders Drill Team and enjoy close friendships and support to the original team they started with, attending practices and performances under their colours as well. Its great to have many wonderful friends!

The Hoof Beat Outriders Drill Team is very proud to have Leslie Town as a Sponsor and their Official Photographer."

Please take a moment to look at their website at

If you are looking for an exciting and unique attraction for your next horse show, event or fund-raiser, contact the Hoof Beat Outriders to help bring an audience together and become 'Outriders' for the day! They are always interested in attending new venues and letting their audience in on the secret, to share in their fun!


"Let Your Star Shine" See more photos of the team here.

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