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It's been lovely and quiet after Christmas for Leslie and I, but as a result, we haven't been producing 'Horse of the Week' for our loyal viewers.

Early yesterday morning I traveled to Fina Vista Farm to take my 13 year old Paso Fino gelding Alberto out for a trail ride. I was thrilled to find the entire landscape covered in hoar frost - even the horses were decorated with white crystals. The temperature was -5 degrees Celsius, very typical for this area north west of Toronto, Canada in winter.

These photos are of the lovely Paso Finos, Paloma (buckskin filly), Kitani (black mare), Tadora (gray mare) and Finola (palomino mare, dam of Paloma) - all but Tadora have been our past 'Horse of Weeks'.

For those of you who don't trail ride in winter, it is well worth the effort! Dress warmly, carry Hot Pockets and be prepared to deal with frisky horses. They plough through the snow with way more energy than they would on a hot summer's day. The up side is, that if you were ever to fall off, it is highly unlikely that you would get hurt landing in a foot of snow with 5 layers of clothing on!

Happy trails,


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